Long Dream (TWEWY Final Remix OST)

Difficulties Hard Expert
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Mapper: AkumetsuTime

“When you’re craving courage…”

A map to Long Dream, the main battle theme of The World Ends With You! This is in particular the TWEWY Final Remix version of said song. A solid Electro Punk beat with energetic vibes.

One thing I like about TWEWY songs is that the title of the song is almost always a lyric in the song, but it comes from some random part of the song you wouldn’t suspect and isn’t just the most repeated line in the chorus. It makes hunting down the title a sort of fun minigame, especially since it’s a bit tricky to understand their not-exactly-perfect English.

Hard and Expert versions are largely the same, just a few of the more challenging sections were revised to be easier for Hard.

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