Caravan Palace – Black Betty (cover)

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert
4457 545
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Review of expert version: 

Overall, this is a tricky, but really fun track. Expert probably should have been named Expert+, but is a lot of fun if you can get the pattern down.

There is a “newer” version of this song by another author, but when comparing expert versions, I thought this one was more fun.

The patterns range from good to okay, but at least most of the patterns match with the song well. The song can be a bit repetitive and there’s a few weak spots in the rhythm, but overall, this song is a lot of fun to play!

Mapper: Calijor

Caravan Palace – Black Betty (cover)
This is not the classic Black Betty but instead an electro-swing cover by Caravan Palace, and it is a banger.

Normal | Hard | Expert

BPM: 122
Notes (Expert): 914
Duration: 3:11


Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
Comments (1)
  1. Star says:

    + Fun, good workout, classic song with a modern twist, mass appeal
    – Repetitive

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