Hurt – MitiS Feat. Zack Gray

Difficulties Easy Expert+
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Mapper: Remie

Fifty-Eighth Upload!

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[Best Experienced with No Text and HUD]

Special collab with the talented lighter, Phøenix! This map was originally finished last year, but had to be shelved for a while until it was ready to come out. A lot of tweaks were done up to this point, but for those who did play test this in the past, I do appreciate it.

Many thanks for Phøenix for collabing with me on this. You did an outstanding job on the lights! Definitely captured the title of the song too! LOL On the real though, I do appreciate it coming through out of the blue to help me out. <3

Feedback is always welcome!

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  1. Ani says:

    Song is great, challenging, great theming. But the flashing lights in the middle and end are really intense, seizure triggering lights. Please consider putting a warning or making them less intense (less frequent and/or the contrast not as stark).

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