Betty Boop – Charlie Puth

Difficulties Expert
20 71

Mapper: holobeetle

Expert ~ Lot’s of squatting/ducking is needed!

Lots of lighting effects!!! Please be careful


Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
Comments (3)
  1. V says:

    This level is Expert++ and everyone downvoting is just shit. The other version is made by a 5 year old

    1. Ali-B says:

      I didn’t download this yet, but I’m about to. I was looking at the “Review Map In Your Browser” preview, and it seems more doable than the other version I saw. My only fears would be the parts where it seems like I’d hit my controller trying to get the notes…You know…the crosses. I’m still kinda new to beat saber, so I haven’t quite figured that one out or the one where you have to start right next to each other and slice outwards. (The ones where there’s no gap between the 2 notes. But I’m going to try one higher than the other and see if I can do it without hitting the wrong note by accident. That’ll need absolute precision, lol.
      It’s labeled as Expert, not Expert++, so hopefully it’s not expert ++. Either way, I’ll get this one because it seems easier to handle than the other one. I don’t mind the squatting and moving as I’ll be trying to see if I can dance to this anyway. Just the other version was way too hard for my noobish self.

      1. elliotttate says:

        The low rating on this one is probably due to all the patterns that are kinda standard “do not do” ones. For example, two left and right hites that meet each other. Controller smash patterns.

        My favorite mapping of this song is the one by DarkGrisen here: https://bsaber.com/songs/1b14/ He did a fantastic job!

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