KyoKa – Ouran Romancia (Short Ver.)

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
16 3
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Mapper: Vekikano

( ! Flashing Light Warning ! ): Map contains some bright changing and flashing colors! Please set your in-game lighting settings accordingly! (Map preview will NOT show color changes but will show flashes, Preview before downloading if the lighting is a concern for you)
Map Warning: Map speeds up quickly during the main chorus. Map also has patterns that can be challenging to read. Please be careful when swinging. Expert+ and Expert++ have a couple of forehanded swings (Tested and was fine).

Lawless mode contains the original ( now experimental [E++] ) chorus pattern that was scrapped from the final standard map due to difficulty concerns. Play or fun or for practicing alternating triplets.

This song slaps. Found it on osu lel. Full version coming “soon”.
The song is the opening to the visual novel [ Sakura no Kumo * Scarlet no Koi ].
The colors and difficulty names are based on the characters.


First map I made in my new house! Hope y’all have fun! 🙂

(This was delayed by about a month because I was too lazy to finalize zzzzz)

For other maps check out my second account:

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