Really Slow Motion – Sunder

Difficulties Expert+
6 1
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Mapper: ButterYourPopcorn

**reupload** just wanted to upload both maps at the same time so they’ll be back to back on the front page.

FINALLY RELEASING THIS, not that anyone cares cuz i have like 30 subs lol. Anyways, PC was having issues with VR so had to upgrade PSU and now we good again, so I can get to uploading this like I’ve been wanting to for the longest time. If you’re scrolling by and reading this, please give this map a try, the song used for this is a powerful type of song and the way this fits into a beat saber map is just beautiful for me, if that even makes sense lmao. I’m uploading a map after this one of an AMV for Attack On Titan with the same song, but just the AMV with a video playing in the background using the Cinema mod. Check that one out, you might get goosebumps especially at one point which you’ll know what im talkin about. That one really touched me, and is actually my favourite beatmap I’ve made so far. Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I did! 😀


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