FuturePeople – Let Me Be The One (Ghosts of Venice Remix)

Difficulties Expert+
41 1
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Mapper: daftmaple

This is the old edition and will be remastered one day and done as a fullspread map. Actual challenge wall map



My second map. Worked on it for one whole day. Underrated jammer that I found accidentally on Spotify. Autolit.

This has been waiting for informal mod for ages and I just couldn’t find one. I’ve been a bit busy of work (and side projects, and farming pp) while still working on my other map which recently got modded. I feel like I’m quite satisfied with this map, hence I decided to upload it. I might downmap and actually look for mod if people like it.

Thanks for Scarladore, Lapras, pokemander_flames, gracenote, Catsethecat, neon_air for playtesting this map!

Feel free to send me feedback on:
https://twitch.tv/daftmaple, or

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