DVBBS, Dropgun – Pyramids feat. Sanjin (Fatho Remix)

Difficulties Expert+
51 5
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Mapper: timeweaver

How you like the Pyramids?

Funny story about this map – This file is about a year old, and was never released because the project it was apart of was cancelled, and there was also a mapping challenge attached to it. The premise of this map is that i had to use the 2 middle-center squares (face notes) at least 20 times throughout the song. So recently, I decided to finish it, patch it up, and release it just to get it out of my WIP folder. I hope y’all enjoy!

Map and Lights all by @Timeweaver
Expert+ Only: 778 Notes | 4.61 NPS
Shoutout to @JohnnyDee for the map idea!

Check out more of my maps here: https://beatsaver.com/profile/4284197
DM me on Discord if you want me to make a map for you: Timeweaver#1094

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