Vylet Pony – Cutiemarks [Chroma Plus]

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Mapper: Zyxi

Tempo Environment (FitBeat)
Cutiemarks is about overcoming any fears of not being good enough in any creative passion that you strive in. Through months of rethinking and evaluating my mapping, lighting, and styilizing the environment. I feel as if I have grasped great inspiration on how I wanted this to turn out.
The environment was inspired by the melody of the guitar strings that is played towards the end of the song. I used many lighting events on the rings to really express the importance of it, as well as the small left-right representation of the center tracks to give the environment a feel as if it was playing the chords.

It was a fun experience. Thank you Vylet for suggesting the color scheme.
Testplayers: Narttu & Fatalution
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