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Vylet Pony – Harper [Chroma Plus]

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Mapper: Zyxi

Harper Environment (Billie)
Harper is a balanced map that consists of a few hundred hours of thought and execution, through tough habits of picky mapping, picky color choice, and picky json editing. Great memories were made in the process for it.

Special thank you to GalaxySquid for hyping me up through it <3
The mapping style may've been inspired by a known mapper named Swifter for his windows.
Creating lights were also a great deal with great suggestions by Fatalution and thoughts of Jamman's lighting.
Environment wouldn't be the same without Mawntee's feedback.
Thank you all.
Song Background (Vylet):
Throughout my time in middle school, one of the teachers I was frequently taught by was a man by the name of Harper. At a time when I was very socially isolated and felt completely alone, he mentored me and encouraged me to discover and try things. He is the one who introduced me to electronic music, which was a really big deal. I came from what felt like an elitist or otherwise musically judgmental background, and so I had grown up credulously avoiding pop and hip hop and dance music. Being introduced to electronic music helped me break free of that mindset and a lot of world-views and life choices were further informed by that freedom. Harper passed down his love for music and creating to me.
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