Anaconda – Nicki Minaj

Difficulties Expert
401 235

Mapper: MurmaiderMan

**Expert Track Only

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
Comments (14)
  1. qqrz997 says: Happy funny fish friday everyone

  2. Chief Queef says:

    Man, I’ve actually really been enjoying a lot of these new ranked maps!

    I love how quickly they’re going through too

    1. PixelBoom says:

      Please rank Oh No

      1. mawntee says:

        Oh, no.

    2. ItsCharaHere says:

      Same! its such a shame they’re so fast I cant play them all!

  3. Reaxt says:

    Yo @mawntee you fix your controller yet?

    1. mawntee says:


  4. PixelBoom says:

    My anaconda don’t

  5. ItsCharaHere says:

    i just got 2 450+ pp play yesterday

  6. mawntee says:

    How’s everyone’s day today?

    1. Burchase says:

      not bad i got my 2nd covid shot then ate an entire bag of hot fries, and now im about to shower then go to bed.

    2. Gamble9000 says:

      meh, hbu?

      1. mawntee says:

        Pretty good, just vibin’ at work.
        Gotta few charts in the works that I’m looking forward to finishing soon!
        I can’t wait to get back home

        1. Denyah_ says:


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