Camellia – ANOMALY (Camellia’s “MUTATION” Schranz Remix)

Difficulties Expert+
29 4
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Mapper: nightxrose

I mapped this song enjoy.
Thanks to Shark, OneEyed, GalaxyMaster, IlluminatiSalad, and pssssss for feedback and testing.
Big thanks to Bush ( for help with how to do the song edits I wanted to make.
Source for cover art: (I added font and some editing)
Also Holy Shit watch the play that made me want to rank this by Anammelech:

Star Estimate: 13.65 (BeatLeader, this map is not Rankable on Scoresaber due to song editing)
BPM: 165 (eBPM: 165, 247.5, 330)
NJS: 20
JD: 18.91
SPS: 10.22

For Rank (BeatLeader)
Feedback: Night Xrose#9817

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Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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