Joji – Fear & Misery (8D Audio)

Difficulties Hard Expert
30 2
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Mapper: RattyScorpion

Hello, everyone! Here comes another Joji map by RattyScorpion. B-)

– This is a rather different map compared to the norm. The audio in this one is “8D”. This means the audio is circling around you as you are playing (kinda sounds like you’re actually there). I attempted to set certain sections of the song to match up with the direction of where the music is coming from to accommodate this sound form.

– Just as a heads up for Quest 2 users: I attempted to use headphones (which is normally better for ‘8D’ audio), but I believe only certain headphones actually provide good audio quality with the oculus. Supposedly Quest 2 certified headphones should work fine though.

– This song is made up from parts of the song “Fried Noodles” by Pink Guy. It is widely considered a part of the Chloe Burbank album according to the Joji fanbase (Chloe Burbank was an old project by Joji that is now mostly made up of songs and song snippets put together by fans).

– I tried adding a Hard Mode for the first time, so hopefully it meets the standards needed by less experienced players. 🙂

– For the more experienced there’s an Expert Mode with more advanced patterns.

Here’s where I got the audio from:

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