Exdream – Fight Fire With Fire

Difficulties Expert
8 3

Mapper: AkumetsuTime

An electro rave song with a chill start, but quickly becomes a hype track that just doesn’t quit. The Hyper Trio fights fire with fire!

Fun fact: It’s extremely difficult to find the correct lyrics to this song online. The version of the lyrics that has become widespread contains the line “Everybody in the house, throw your hands in the air/For the doc with battleaxe and rap Sinclair,” which doesn’t even make sense, it’s the Hyper Trio, not the Hyper Duo! The lyric should read “…For the Doc, Butch BattleAxe, and Bratt Sinclair” – source, some Facebook page that had the right lyrics before the wrong ones became popular. Also this website where they list the members of the band: https://sinclairestyle.com/staff-fausto-butch/

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