Ash_Darkfire 1.6. Accuracy Classical & Orchestral Instrumental

HIYU – Oceans of Luma Teaser

Difficulties Expert
51 0
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Mapper: Ash_Darkfire

Genre: Classical / Chill
BPM: ~70.16
[ Best Experienced with Chroma & Cinema Mods ]

Map Playthrough:

Given the popularity of The Wandering World, Theme of Furality Luma map I did, decided to step into chroma lighting with this instrumental of the teaser trailer for the next Furality Online Xperience event, Oceans of Luma. [Name having since been revealed to be Furality Aqua]
First revealed at the closing ceremony for Furality: Legends, the reaction of many attendees was rather ecstatic, including from myself, so made this to commemorate the moment. :3

Have fun and see you all under the sea!

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