Mapper: Artjoms

Has Chroma lights. Please install Chroma from ModAssistant and enable all effects for awesome Chroma 2.5+ light show.

I am back on the track and I thought that I want to do not only Chroma maps but make a full spread for everyone. You have no idea how many songs I have on the list for you guys.
In that case, introducing Fox Steveson’s song with full spread and cool flashy lights – only blue and white colors <3

Lightshow preview –

Gameplay preview (Expert+) –

Another gameplay with a performance by Dietah –

Special thanks:
@Fatalution – used his Environment enhancements, and introduced me scripting – tried to archive cool effect, but had motion sickness 🙁
cgrinde -gave me an idea for flickering lights

Thanks to Sanickello, Alexx, cgrinde, and Flick for playtesting!

Would love to hear your feedback <3

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