International Wrestling Festival 2016 -MAKE SPANKING GREAT AGAIN!

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
40 2
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Mapper: Vamposaur

Dominatrices and boys next door. Its time to channel up your inner dungeon master and/or ready your 300 bucks. For its time for the long awaited, world famous, deep dark fantasy fulfilling, shaft erecting INTERNATIONAL WRESTLING FESTIVAL 2016.
This eleven minutes Hard, Expert and Expert+ gachi medley is sure to challenge the best of the best from the Beat the Saber community.
Four weeks of work, witch equals to fifty-one hours and seventeen minutes of in app programing has finally come down to this. This truly is my biggest project to date, and i hope that shows when playing.
Everything in this song is made by me, so a thumbs up and/or a review would be extremely appreciated!
I stream from time to time at so please feel free to come by and say hello.

Song length: 11m 03s


Blocks: 2266/2932/3956

Blocks per second: 3.4/4.4/6.0

Obstacles: 101/111/85

Bombs: 0/0/0 (we dont do that around here!)

Bpm: varies from around 130 to 150

Note Jump Speed: 10/11/16

If you or anyone else ever plays this song on stream or in a video please feel free to send me a quick link. You can find me as Vamposaur in the Beat Saber modding Discord.

Enjoy πŸ™‚

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