Camellia – BANGER A.F. , BROOOOO!!! [Ranked]

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Mapper: Timbo

I’m proud to present the epic Timbo Camellia triple super duper pack!(real)

Containing 3 ranked maps, all above 10 Stars, with 5 diffs each, adding up to a total of 69:50 Minutes of Map!
Spanning various mapping styles, from acc and dance all the way to speed and tech! Everything is included 😀

This has beenmy most ambitious project yet, and after 4 months of work I’m finally ready to release it!

Thank you so much to everyone that helped me make this happen, special thanks to Sync who gave feedback on all lower diffs of all three maps in video format, it’s greatly appreciated!
Thanks to all the RT modders for putting these maps in queue and, most of all, thank YOU for playing my maps <3

All of these maps have a great amount of effort put into ALL diffs, I really hope the acc community will get a kick out of the lowers! 😀

Blastix = Speed, Muzzle = Tech and Banger A.F = a mix of both!

About Banger A.F. :
This was the first map of the bunch that I made.
The original upload was a lot harder but I've reduced the difficulty to make it more balanced.

Special thanks to:
Sync for QA testing the 3 lower diffs,
Abcbadq for the excellent lawless diff, which is his first version of the currently ranked one,
and Slimyblob for modding!

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