Shadowfax – Dimibo

Difficulties Expert Expert+
1 1

Mapper: elitegroundhog

This one has been sitting in MMA2 for a while, waiting for me to do something with it. I almost didn’t publish it, because of its inherent stupidness. It was rather fun to map though, partly because (at least with the E+ diff) I got to feel like Emperor Palpatine from star wars. As I was mapping it I could feel the hate and frustration of those who decided to try and pass this map. I got to sit there thinking “Are you going to kill me?” and all of those who were playing it are like “I would certainly like to” and I respond with “I know you would”, and so on and so forth. Basically what I’m trying to say is, this map was designed to be an abomination. If you encounter anything that makes it unplayable (aside from, ya know, it’s inherent unplayability), feel free to shoot me a message on discord. Oumuamua#5893. Enjoy playing this train wreck I call a map.

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