[Chroma+] Caslow – Waiting Part II (The Answer)

Difficulties Expert+
162 2
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Mapper: ObaMart

I spent a lot of time on this, happy how it turned out.
Environment is supposed to kinda look like the cover art, but I’m not Swifter so there’s no water in the actual environment.
Chroma is absolutely required for the map to look good (also pls turn off static lights for a 9000% better experience).

Much thanks to jafdy, Zyxi, Lily, Top_Cat and OneEyed from the BS mapping discord for helping me with a lot of stuff (sorry if I forgot your name) and to TheCzar1994 for playtesting.

Hope you have fun playing!

feedback: Mart#1169 on discord

Reupped 30-3 to remove Noodle requirement (map uses Chroma only) and to remove the “no noodle” diff since the entire map doesn’t need noodle

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