noam15A Electronic

cornandbeans – {Blaze}

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
30 3
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Mapper: noam15A

Improved version of Blaze, this is my best map yet! Enjoy 😀

Hopefully I could get it ranked one day but idk
Feedback to noam15A#4465 please

Logging my uploads cause why not lol. Expect this to reach 50 uploads
#1: Way improved version of the originally map uploaded 3 months ago
#2: Fixed cringe complex stream in Ex+ and changed diff names
#3: Massive changes to all difficulties, especially Hard. Expert+ is now harder and more fun, map feels nearly finished. I still gotta reduce Hard’s SPS from 4.29 to 4.20 tho…
#4: Minor changes to Ex+, mostly the beginning.

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