Eminem Ft. Dido – Stan

Difficulties Expert+
440 28
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Mapper: Vadez

Chroma map, for the best expirience go to player options and make sure you have all the envoirmental effects set to “All Effects” also if u play with custom notes u wanna turn them off for this one or some features wont work. Also make sure to use the custom colours the song gives you so if you don’t see gray and black in the beginning make sure to turn off override colours.


Sorry for the score reset but the were common complaints that had to be fixed, also the settings above should now automaticly be recommended.

here were the top 3 scores before the reset:

1 crypticnugget 1.713.564 – 97.21% 0.00
2 ZemphisTV 1.701.657 – 96.53% 0.00
3 StevenBTW 1.688.490 – 95.78% 0.00

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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