F-777 – Ludicrous Speed (Fvrwvrd’s Deathcore Remix)

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
658 103
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Mapper: helloimdaan

LOOOOOL Nice star rating
more fixes lol
quite stupid speed
Big thx for the qat mods bean and purple 💪🏻

going for ranked
ex+: by me and cerret we combined our diffs together. first half by me second half by cerret. around ov
Lowers by olaf absolute legend made a full spread 😍
also big thx to bean for letting me use his files
huge thx to aquaflee for helping me fix my ex+
plz gimme feedback i dont wanna rank a shit top map so all feedback is appreciated and can be dmed to me on discord Helloiamdaan#9170 or cerret#4417 and for the lowers Olaf#6909

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