Raptor_Killer01 1.1. Balanced Electronic Rock

FNAF Security Breach Main Theme (Full)

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert
523 14
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Mapper: Raptor_Killer01

UPDATE: Jan 14, 2022.
+ Added Allen Simpson in the Credits

Recently this music got stuck in my head and i listen only Security Breach OST… HELP!!!

Anyway… this is only the 2nd map i publish on this site…
i get it, the previous one was not that great… (it was pretty ugly), that was my very first map, i’ve done other 3 or 4 different maps to learn something and do what can be considered a ” ” ” Decent ” ” ” work.
I’m sill a novice in mapping and lighting, however, the things i learnt were all to make something fun like this… In fact, this is by far my best map.

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