Polyphonix – QUAKE

Difficulties Expert+
20 1
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Mapper: meldi

trust me, when you fire this game up, your little fuckin nuts are gonna start quAkIn buddy. your little N U T S are gonna be QuaKiNg. EAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH EHAHHHHHHHHH EAHHHHH YOURE GONNE SHOOT CUM, YOURE GONNA SHOOT CUM, YOURE GONNA SHOOT H O T C U M, EVERY WHERE and thats a promise. thats a promise folks. youre gonna shoot fuckin hot jizz all over your computer all over your mechanical keyboard and your razor mouse i swear to god that you will bust a nut the first time you play CLAP thats my money back garuntee if you dont bust a nut the first time you play message me

thanks adison


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