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uma – Chakra

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This is another one of those "I like the song because of the map" moments. The map is just 2 minutes long and feels like the perfect length for me in all the difficulties.

While I can't get close to clearing Expert+ yet, it was still fun and took advantage of the entire play-grid with a great mix of patterns spanning all three rows.

Expert is just out of my reach, and was even more fun than Expert+. The lower NPS provides a nice contrast between fast & slow play. 

The map rewards movement. The big swings and solid representation in Hard and Expert make this map so fun for me. 

The Normal difficulty is straightforward for the first minute and 20 seconds, and then kicks it up a notch for the last 40 seconds with a higher NPS to match the song's energy. It is a little bit of a push for newer players and it is satisfying.

I did knock a point off for Pattern Quality and Flow for the lower difficulties, particularly in Easy due to some inconsistency and a choice of notes after a crouch wall:

  • There are forehand hits right after a crouch wall, which I find usually would play better as backhands, considering the player is standing up after the crouch and raising the sabers feels better than swinging down while standing up.
  • The opening 20 seconds of of Easy difficulty is mapped with parity, and the backhand hits after 5 seconds of silence feel awkward. Most low difficulty players will have reset in those long intervals. After the crouch wall, the note density increases a little and the familiar patterns of double-directionals that play well with a newer player's tendency to reset naturally after forehand swings.

I think the side & center laser work is well aligned with the music and the good use of strobing on the back lights and side lasers during build-ups is excellent.

I would recommend this map to anyone looking for a good map to dance through with a challenging and rewarding top difficulty for mid and higher skill players. 

Well done, EOP Glacier.

Mapper: EOP_Glacier

# 105

second drop reminded me of a KSHMR song

edit: changed a lot of vision blocks and potential hand claps on top 2 diffs
thank you monstor for feedback <3

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