Spaceman – The Killers

Difficulties Expert+
30 83

Mapper: Mh3hero

I may release easier versions in future, but I really wanted to do an Expert+ map. The Killers songs are amazing for mapping, so expect a fluid, yet fast-paced song. Let’s see how many of you can make it through this 4min song and not choke the simple, yet daunting, ending. Let me know what you think on!
[Most recent update fixed lighting issue on bomb section]
[Update (2) Increased sound volume and increased difficulty]
[Update (3) Reduced difficulty and increased sound volume]

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
Comments (1)
  1. LeonRez says:

    All the previous updates that increased the volume just lead to the audio getting blown out and sounding bass-boosted. Need to grab a fresh copy of the song and not push the waveforms into a wall of volume. Also at least an Expert version with smoother difficulty across the board would be great.

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