ALL U WANT FOR CHRISTMAS 3 [2021 EDITION] – Explorers of the Internet

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Mapper: GordonFeetman

had a bit of a headache the last few days trying to get this thing ready for upload and it’s a bit late, but i hope you guys enjoy it 😀

huge thanks to the following people:
Alyssa Aisaka, bigandre17, Bizzy, Bytesy, Diablodesu, Gordon Feetman (the coolest one ofc), fqrb, Irish, Macc, SpecVR, Spoekle, Tea Drinker Uchiha, Yabje, Zowombee, and Zylinked

preview by tea drinker:

preview by zylinked:

This project wouldn’t have been finished without you guys 😀

might possibly fix it more and rank it later?????? we’ll see

Gordon Feetman#1302 for feedback/complaints

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