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Gareth Coker – Luma Pools

Difficulties Expert+
88 0
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Mapper: Spinvvy

From the Ori and the Will of the Wisps OST!

The map is nothing too special when it comes to notes. The real show, however, is in the lighting. The lighting for this map is one of my first which is heavily detailed, containing over 20,000+ events.

Shoutout to Ori Jinn!

Difficulty: Spirit (Expert+)
NPS: 2.82
BPM: 120
Length: 5:08

Next map: https://beatsaver.com/maps/1f738
Previous map: https://beatsaver.com/maps/1eeb0

LUMA POOLS REMASTERED: https://beatsaver.com/maps/2d532

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Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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