[Noodle Extensions & Chroma] glass beach – 1015

Difficulties Hard
809 38
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Mapper: Sands

Finally after like 2 months it is done and oh hey what a perfect timing!
Merry Christmas to everyone and Noodle Extensions came out on Quest today!
So all of you PC and Quest players have fun with this little modchart i made 😀
also i dont know if its just me but this modchart kinda seems boring… maybe its because ive ran the js script and tested the map over 800 times??? ah probably not :)))

Special Thanks to:
– Zyxi#0069 for some help with fixing regex environment stuff and feedback
– Discovered#0001 for helping with making functions and testplaying
– StormPacer#2871 for tesplay

Extra Special Thanks:
– glass beach for making amazing songs like please check them out and sub to them

If you have any questions about the map or you wanna message me: Sands#4600

Video of the map:

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