Disclosure – My High (feat. Slowthai & Amine) (Radio Edit) (Old Version)

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert
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Mapper: daftmaple

This is the old version of My High and will be republished in the future.


My first map. This is the “old”, unrankable version (because of level name) and wanted to publish it since it’s playable and has been sitting on my editor for 2 months (how am I not sick of this song already). The “new” (Expert+, which was part of this but then deleted) is still currently WIP and under modding. Will be uploaded in the future (with proper downmapping), perhaps ranked.

Thanks for all reviewers and playtesters (who I might’ve forgotten 💀). I learned a lot from you all 🙏

Easy has intended parity issues since I wanted it to be a true acc map.

Feel free to send me feedback on twitch (twitch.tv/daftmaple) or twitter (twitter.com/daftmaple). Thanks for playing!

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