På låven sitter nissen med sin nightcore

Difficulties Easy
5 2

Mapper: BungiCraft

Extremely funny collab map with the excellent mappers Asmuund and Datsurb. I can safely say this is the best map we have ever made and if i tried to explain all the genius ideas and creative patterns in this map i think i would have to keep typing until i died of old age. This really is the best map ever made and i think it should win map of the year every year from now on. I hope you can try and enjoy this absolute masterpiece and have massive amounts of fun while doing it. If you have any questions or critique of this wonderful map please dont hesitate to contact the lovely Wookie#0001 on discord. He is everyones favorite bsno mod and loves recieving map thoughts. Hope u enjoy 🙂

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Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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