Tyler, The Creator (feat. Fletcher Jones) – I Am The Grinch

Difficulties Expert Expert+
73 6
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Mapper: 3Stans

wooo merr crimas !!!

was originally going to be mapped for the BSMG Christmas contest but I couldn’t quite get it done in time and bailed, scrapped the chroma, and downmapped an extra diff kind of terribly but now its out!!!

Tried to make Expert+ quite dancey and I personally think its nice but i’m the one that mapped it so uh take what you want from that.
Tried my best to make sure Expert was downmapped “enough” but im still iffy about it. Hopefully is easier enough for people who can’t quite do the Ex+ be able to do.

Oh! Video PV:

thinks thats it. dont think anyone reads these but map backstory is cool.
may relesae another christmas map soon, we will see….

send festive catgirls plz ——-> 3Stans#0003

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