Sound Souler – Beyond The Natura

Difficulties Expert+
34 4
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Mapper: 3Stans

Merry Christmas Eve!! (or just christmas if your doign that yeah)

was planned to be an ez map ez release thing but ofc like a lot of things, was just sat on for months until noW!!!!!

no video preview because both premieres either crashing or beyond (the natura) my scope of cognition.
i did however whip up a kinda neat onesaber tho because onesabers are cool and there should be more.

BIG thanks to StormPacer for helping out with the first half of the lights so I have less work to do.
and another thanks to Irahi and Sopera (and probably someone else im forgetting) for testing

send me festive catgirl images ————————> 3Stans#0003

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