USAO – Climax (Kobaryo’s FTN-Remix)

Difficulties Expert+
72 2
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Mapper: Avexus

REUP 2/24/22
mostly fixed timing issues. fixed up some patterns that were badcutty and some slight emphasis inconsistencies
i’m sorry if you were one of the 100 scores wiped but i don’t really plan on reuploading again. we’ll see tho

hardest map i’ve made yet, hope ya like
fast midspeed, lots of jumps, doubles, streams and the like with some neat genre changes as an intermission.
not a huge fan of kobaryo’s music or speedcore as a whole but this is a very good remix of one of my favorite usao tracks

Difficulty estimate: ★ 9.2
Video preview (thanks to Dennis, old version):

bug me (Avexus#5898) in dms or #mapping-discussion in BSMG if you have any feedback, especially if you downvoted

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