Blyg999 J-Rock Metal

Self Connection – Sokoninaru

Difficulties Expert+
7 2

Mapper: Blyg999

Self Connection, the fourth song in the album “Zero” by Sokoninaru.
I really love this band lol. I wanted to map Less Than Zero, but this one had more distinct rhythms. I think this is my best map so far.

It’s only 6 notes per second, but the bursts are quite fast! Probably a low 9 star in difficulty.

Autolit with Lolighter.

Feel free to DM me at Blyg999#8024 to tell me if you like the map or hate the map or want me to fix a mistake somewhere.

Reuploaded 5 months later to fix slow sliders

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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