Monster – Skillet (Kole Edit)

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert
5648 311
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Mapper: Kolezan

2018-11-08: Reupload because of ranking! Scoreboards are unaffected.

Monster by hard rock band Skillet was a request I got and I found it worthy and fun to make into a Beat Saber map, so here it is!
Song has been edited and re-arranged to be tighter and not too repetitive.


BPM: 135
Duration: 1:52
Easy, Normal, Hard and Expert difficulties.

Easy: 247, 8 obstacles, 4 mines
Normal: 300 notes, 8 obstacles, 8 mines
Hard: 423 notes, 8 obstacles, 8 mines
Expert: 437 notes, 8 obstacles, 8 mines

Thanks to Edzo, RaZn, VenclaireVR, squeaksies and Todokete for playtesting!


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