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The Bells just got a lot more Cartel…

Hey! It’s that festive time of the year, so I’ve gone ahead and mapped a Christmas song that totally just isn’t a heavy drumstep song with Carol Of The Bells melody…. definitely not.

Anyway, this was my entry for the 2021 BSMG Christmas Contest. This song is a vanilla map with custom colors for people with Songcore and such, and a full spread of difficulties on top. I hope you enjoy!

Map and Lights all done by @Timeweaver
Expert+: 1582 Notes | 6.12 NPS
Expert: 1130 Notes | 4.37 NPS
Hard: 798 Notes | 3.09 NPS
Normal: 556 Notes | 2.15 NPS
Easy: 394 Notes | 1.52 NPS

No mods are required to play this level.
Thank you to Nitronik.exe, and my dad for testing.

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