[DITR3] Lapix- Flamenco House

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
276 13
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Mapper: Jaxolotl

Thanks to everyone who helped me make this especially my coach Shappy but also anyone who gave feedback*. This was an awesome event and I learned so much.

Difficulty notes:

Hard Is dancy and a little more difficult than most hard diffs

Expert is simple but techy and has some groove to it

Expert plus took me way too long and is not quite as good as I would have hoped It is fast paced extremely difficult and has lots of leaning.

Lawless is my v1 of expert plus If you hate your arms give it a try

The lightshow is manual and I am quite proud of it.

Any and all feedback welcome at Jaxolotl #5048.

*I might have missed some sry: Pitatochu, Kansas, Aimedhades, Helencarnate, Shappy and everyone else in DITR3

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