kenta-vez – ListENiNg to spEEDcorE turNs you iNto A fuckiNg idiot (Kobaryo’s FTN-Remix)

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
20 0
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Mapper: Dailyy

Collab Map with Dailyy and Voidless. Rank maybe??? Whoops i messed up the diff name……

ExpertPlusStandard.dat: Standard “Voidless in a nincompoop” (Expert+ slot)

Duration: 3:45
BPM: 350

Voidless Diff
NJS: 22
Offset: -1.6
Jump Distance: 18.103
Total NPS: 9.45

Dailyy’s Diff
NJS: 21
Offset: -1.4
Jump Distance: 18.72
Total NPS: 8.88

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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