[DITR3] Midnight | Chroma 2.4 Tech map

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
297 44
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Mapper: Taragon123

EDIT: Thanks to Kakifrucht for spotting the reset, this has been re-published, make sure you have the latest copy

This map has been a huge experience for me and I have learnt so much through working on it. Cheers to Cryix for helping me out as my DITR coach and putting up with my stubbornness in mapping style #ConsistentlyInconsistent. Thanks to owl for help cleaning up the later stages of my mess and thanks to smort man swifter for help making a script to clean out duplicate lighting events.
This map makes heavy use of Chroma 2.4 features to make a custom environment and full chroma lightshow. E+ is the full experience. E is similar to E+, but with focus on lowered intensity, but still high amounts of tech. H simplifies the techy nature of E, but still keeps some of the funky things.

Lawless is a meme, no promises that it is playable Kappa
There is a secret light in the environment, but it’s broken with chroma 2.5.7. It will work in chroma 2.5.8 (coming soon) so have a look around the lightshow for a giggle once you update.

Diamonds in the Rough is an event for new mappers which matches them up with experienced coaches to create a multi-difficulty, curation-worthy map. Keep your eyes on these rookies in the future as their talent develops and read more about the event on Bsaber.com!

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