IT LIVES Dr Ushuu – Never Alone

Difficulties Expert Expert+
588 81
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Mapper: DE125

I haven’t had this much fun mapping since 2019 bro wtf

This is unironically my best map by like a mile. I really hope people also enjoy what I’ve made because I had a ton of fun making this.

I am going for rank on this so if you have any playability or rankability feedback please dm me @DE125#0001

Thank you Shark and Aimedhades for the mods and CoolingCloset, Tseska, Bitz, and Epicmoo for the qat mods. And thank you dash for the cover that is better than the shitty og.

(This map was originally uploaded to bsmg test plays a couple of weeks ago on my alt Sylphic. Just clarifying that that is me.)

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