Geoplex – Azure Dusk

Difficulties Easy Expert Expert+
5 3

Mapper: proprofinnity

Difficulty – both difficulties are almost identical, the only difference is Azure has much softer bursts, better for catJAMMING. If you do want that extra spice though, try Dusk.

Wow finally after 20 hours worth of mapping and 5 months of procrastination the map is finally finished! I present to you an amazing song and my best map yet ^,^

Everything was done within Chromapper and this one also taught me a tad of scripting, pretty cool confusing stuff

Anyways regarding the map, I started mapping this 5 months ago and only finished last night (Dec 10 21) you’ll probably see an improvement towards the second half of the map. The beginning is a bit scuffed, but I left that in because I’m lazy and because I thought it’d be neat to have that in there as a progression thing or something idk.

Hope you enjoy!

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