Du Hast by Rammstein (Kole Edit) [One Saber]

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
1207 32
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Mapper: Kolezan

UPDATED 6th november 2018: There were some misdirected notes and some minor flow issues that has now been corrected.You should now be able to get Full Combo much more intuitively! Please download again if you’ve played the map before as the scoreboards are reset. Sorry for the trouble!

Can’t have enough of Du Hast by Rammstein? Good! Cause here is a One Saber version of that song! If you play the regular (Dual Saber) version of this map then you’ll find it familiar to that version.

Song has been edited (shortened) to be tighter and not too repetitive.

!! ONE SABER MODE MAP, start it from the ONE SABER MENU for best experience! !!


BPM: 125.09
Duration: 2:57
Hard, Expert and Expert+ difficulties.

Hard: 331 notes, 0 obstacles, 0 mines
Expert: 502 notes, 0 obstacles, 0 mines
Expert+: 646 notes, 0 obstacles, 0 mines

Thanks to Hen Tie, ManDynasty, Red Magi and Civ for playtesting!

Regular (Dual Saber) version here:


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