me & u – succducc

Difficulties Expert+
28 10
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Mapper: splake

Hey everyone,
BPM 160 Expert+ only
full dynamic lighting by splake
Charts created by splake
Music composed by succducc

special thanks to Williums, NiceToMeetYou, Orange, Saut, Tammymatty, squeaksies, Kyle, clxrffldman, and a bunch of other people. Thank you all for playtesting for me, it took a long time to finalize this one.
music here:


GO JOIN THE FREAKIN SCORESABER DISCORD U SCRUBS. you can watch me reign supreme from there bwahaha.

possibly my hardest song so far. took a long time to put together all of it and i know not everyone is going to be absolutely amazed by this chart. focused more on the technical aspect more than ever on this one. this map is definitely hard in a completely different way than the normal perception of hard in beatsaber and i hope you guys like it. i have braced for hate lul.

Hope you all have fun with this one!
Thanks for playing!

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