{Modchart} acloudyskye – Somewhere Out There

Difficulties Expert Expert+
12645 108
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Mapper: Swifter

MAP 10. https://beatsaver.com/playlists/8713

What can I say about this map.

I feel like this is the culmination of everything thats happened for modcharting this entire year. All of the advancements I’ve made with environments, mawntee has made with notemods, and reddek has made with walls come together into this piece that I can only describe as the next step.

I really hope everyone enjoys this one. It’s one of a kind.


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Comments (3)
  1. Jeremy Volkmann says:

    Any updates on this working for version 1.19.1? I have the chroma and noodle extensions enabled but it crashes immediately when opening the song.

  2. pwnslasher says:

    What version is this map for? What mods are required? Does NOT work for v1.16.4. Endless loading spinner.

    1. NexVR says:

      You need noodle and chroma, I suggest you use 1.17.1

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