SÄÄÄFTIG – Dirndl Weed

Difficulties Expert
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Mapper: Z-ANESaber

[A slight epilepsy warning! This video contains small amounts of flashing lights.]

Happy birthday to my friend Faded 99 this is the first map for his birthday the second one is here: https://beatsaver.com/maps/1e3ee

This is my version of the map that Faded did about a year ago (https://beatsaver.com/maps/11b79) Pretty weird song and I have no idea what it means but here it is anyways.
Please dont’t message me in german now thanks

If you have any questions or if you just want to tell me how stupid I am:
Discord: Z-ANE#8693

Have fun!

► Playthrough:

► Map Details:
▪ Difficulties: Expert
▪ Duration: 2:14
▪ BPM: 140
▪ Categorie: Balanced
▪ Note Jump Speed: 21
▪ Spawn Offset: 0.2
▪ Total NPS: 4.66
▪ Total Notes: 625

Artist/Producer: SÄÄÄFTIG
Title: Dirndl Weed

► Social media and other links:
All in one: https://linktr.ee/ZANESaber

▪ Discord: Z-ANE#8693
▪ Twitter:
▪ My beatsaver profile: https://beatsaver.com/uploader/5dfbafac9921260006527fa4
▪ My BeastSaber profile: https://bsaber.com/members/z-anesaber/
▪ Soundcloud:
▪ GitHub: https://github.com/Z-ANESaber

~ Credits goes to the artist from their original song, i do not own the song in this video and I do not make any money from it.
~ If any producer or record label has an issue with my video upload please send me an e-mail and i will take down the video
E-Mail:[email protected]


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