[Remastered] Camellia – Burning Aquamarine

Difficulties Expert Expert+
116 5
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Mapper: Phøenix

Remastered as of 9/24/2022! Expert diff has the original diff from December 2021. Expert+ Diff contains the remastered version.

The Remastered diff came out a wee bit sillier then I first anticipated, and is now a combination of V3 ideas and concepts that I found funny. Original diff is going for rank on Beatleader, so stay tuned!

This Map Contains Arcs & Chains and is a part of the V3 Map format. If you are playing on a Beat Saber version earlier then 1.20, this map will not work for you!

This map pushed me beyond my comfort zone, as I’ve never mapped anything this fast paced before, but since this song fit it really nicely (and cause Camellia smile) I decided to give it justice to the best of my ability. Hope you enjoy!

Difficulties: Expert, Expert+
Length: 5:59
BPM: 202
NPS: Original = 9.1, Remastered = 8.7

If you have any feedback about this map (Positive / Negative) then feel free to reach out to me on discord! Phøenix#5713

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