Blind Guardian – Wheel of Time

Difficulties Expert Expert+
128 3
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Mapper: Wyxi

Symphonic power metal song about the Wheel of Time fantasy series. Mapped just in time for the show’s start. Also mapped a lower diff to make it more accessible ( its a 9 minute song so its a lot of work!)

Another WoT themed song I mapped: (Dragony – Flame of Tar Valon)

BPM: 189
Expert+: 7.43 NPS
Expert: 4.57 NPS

Lights auto-generated by Loloppe’s autolighter (with some minor manual modifications – I’d rather spend my time on mapping the lower diff!). Feedback/complaints or if you just wanna talk metal or WoT or w/e: Wyxi#5211 on Discord.

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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  1. Makkon says:

    hey man, I just wanted to say that this song kicked my ass and made me cry. absolutely fantastic work!

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