Mapper: Phøenix

I was graciously given access to this track early from the artist and wanted to do it justice, so I present a standard full spread, 90 full spread, 3 one saber diffs, and a lawless DD diff (Cause why not :smil:) All in one! I hope you enjoy!

Huge thanks to @GojiCrafter for mapping the Expert standard diff!

Check Out ALESDA!’s Music Here!

Officially part of the ALESDA! Map Pack, download here!


This map took an estimated 40 Hours to complete everything, all within the span of a week. I’m never mapping this many diffs again lol

This map contains chroma lighting that might be sensitive to some users. If this is the case, be sure to turn off static lighting.

This map contains an estimated 1,310,000 Events between all the diffs, so expect some beefy load times if you’re on a lower end headset. Trust me, it’s worth it 😉

Difficulties: 14 MonkaW
Standard: Easy = 0.9, Normal = 1.6, Hard = 2.4, Expert = 3.9, Expert+ = 4.7
90 Degree: Easy = 0.9, Normal = 1.5, Hard = 2.1, Expert = 2.7, Expert+ = 3.9
One Saber: Hard = 1.7, Expert = 2, Expert+ = 2.4
Lawless: Expert+ = 2.7

Length: 4:38
BPM: 196 (140 for intro)

Special thanks to @Reddek & @Scarladore for playtesting the map during it’s WIP Phase!

I mapped all of these diffs within less then a week, so if anything seems rushed or if you find any rookie mistakes, I’d immensely appreciate it if you let me know! Feel free to reach out to me on discord: Phøenix#5713

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